Origami-inspired engineering is a rapidly growing research field that involves the adaption of geometric sheet patterns to invent and improve folded structures and devices. By utilising folded patterns, origami engineers can transform many sheet materials into efficient and easily-manufactured applications, with current applications already seen in deployable and modular housing; energy-absorbing packaging and barriers; and lightweight automobile and aircraft components.

The University of Queensland Folded Structures Lab (UQ FSL) is a research group working on origami-inspired applications and more broadly on:

  1. parametric geometry,
  2. sheet material fabrication methods, and
  3. engineering and architectural applications of 1+2.

It is led by Joe Gattas and part of the UQ School of Civil Engineering.

Current Projects and Members

Current FSL graduates students and projects are as follows.


Each semester, we are fortunate to be joined by a number of undergradaute Icarus students, thesis students, and visiting students, who assist with the above projects and lead their own explorations.

Yousef Al-Qaryouti Project Summary:

Ya Ou Project Summary:

Affiliated Groups & Collaborators