In July 2016, the University of Queensland opened a new Centre for Future Timber Structures (CFTS). To mark the occasion, the UQ Folded Structures Lab, in collaboration with the UQ School of Architecture, built an inaugural CFTS Research Pavilion. The project developed a new type of bending-active structures and investigated fabrication techniques for rapid assembly of long-span cantilever structures.

– Project Team: Joseph Gattas, Kim Baber, Yousef Al-Qaryouti, Ting-Uei Lee, Jordan Hunter, Stephen Joseph, Ting-Uei Lee, Sophie Sachs, Jonathan Tan, Crystal Wang, Shuwei Zhang, Sam Butler, John Stafford.
– Design time: 2 weeks.
– Build time: 2 weeks.
– Acknowledgements: Centre for Future Timber Structures; ARC DECRA Award #DE160100289; Music – Vanished by Richard Lacy/Marc Hoad.